About the Instructor

Matthew Graham is a REPS qualified Personal Trainer and Systema Instructor operating in Auckland, New Zealand.

Matthew also served New Zealand as a Territorial Force Soldier for six years and as a Police Constable for five years.

Matthew is a strong advocate of mobility training, having trained in various circus apparatus and a wide range of Martial Arts.

Matthew found that Systema which translates to “the system” proved to be of a huge benefit to all his circus and martial endeavors. He has traveled abroad undertaking Systema training in Moscow, Russia; Tokyo, Japan; Montreal and Toronto, Canada.

Matthew has had the privilege of training with some of the great Systema instructors the world has to offer such as Vladimir Vasiliev, Martin Wheeler, Kevin Secours, Adam and Brendon Zettler, Kwan Lee and Vladimir Zaikovsky.

Vladimir Vasiliev and Matthew Graham

Auckland Mobility